Sunday, May 15, 2022

Trowel Talk May 15, 2022

Trowel Talk Newsletter May 15, 2022

Trowel Talk Newsletter May 15, 2022, is now available, brought to you by the Master Gardeners of Ottawa Carleton and Lanark County. This month's issue contains:

  • An Invitation to meet the Monarch.
  • Book review of 100 Plants to Feed the Monarch.
  • Carrots and Their Kin.
  • Know your Weeds: Dandelion.
  • Visual Sense in the Garden.
  • Gardeners Beware: this Knotty Weed.
  • Ask a Master Gardener:
    • Growing Plants near a cedar hedge.
    • Growing vegetable in containers.
  • Where to find us--Clinics and Talks.
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Photo of Cow Parsnip by Patrick Ryan at his home in Balsam Creek, Ontario.

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