Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Trowel Talk March 15, 2022

Trowel Talk March 15, 2022

Trowel Talk Newsletter for March 15, 2022 is now available. Spring is finally getting closer, and this issue has articles on:

  • 2022- The Year of the Garden.
  • Seed Starting: Equipment and Supplies.
  • Jumping Worms--A peril to our Northern Forests.
  • Shiso--An Ornamental Asian Herb to Discover.
  • Annuals--Why we Love Them and Tips for Success.
  • Autumn Olive--Our Gardener Beware series continues.
  • Ask a Master Gardener answers the question on:
    • Pagoda Dogwood--yellowish branches. 
    • I forgot to plant my garlic last fall. Help!
If you would like to receive a copy of the newsletter in your email inbox, send your request to lanarkmg@gmail.com

Photo by Dale Odorizzi--Gomphrena, a favorite of bees, butterflies, and White Crowned Sparrows.

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