Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Trowel Talk Newsletter June 15, 2021


Trowel Talk Newsletter June 15, 2021

The Trowel Talk Newsletter June 15, 2021 is now available. This month's newsletters contains articles on:

  • Rose pests--Roses are often called the Queen of the garden and two of the pests that can defoliate and damage them are the European rose sawfly and the rose budworms or leaf rollers. The author provides tips for catching these pests early.
  • Be a water-wise gardener--With city water bills rising and our summers becoming drier, the author provides ways to prevent and capture rain water and some best practices for watering.
  • Invasive Plants--Our invasive plant series continues with profiles on Common Buckthorn and the common Ditch Daylily.
  • Book Review--Gardening your Front Yard by Tara Nolan
  • Ask a Master Gardener answers the question about Ninebark Shrub and the dreaded Cucumber Beetle.
Hope you enjoy the newsletter. If you would like to have this newsletter delivered to your email inbox on a monthly basis, send a message to lanarkmg@gmail.com 

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