Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Urban Food Revolution Book Review

The Urban Food Revolution, Changing the Way We Feed Cities
by Peter Ladner
 New Society Publishers, October 1, 2011, Trade Paperback
 ISBN - 13: 9780865716834; Indigo list price: $18.95

 In “The Urban Food Revolution” former Vancouver city councillor Peter Ladner provides a comprehensive overview of policies and practices that impede or simplify the process of turning vacant or ornamental urban lands into productive space for growing food and communities. Multiple case studies make this both a fascinating read and an invaluable guide for urban food advocates. From communities that ban anything but grass in their residents’ front yards, to new developments constructed around planned communal gardens, Ladner effectively charts the challenges and opportunities for urban food gardening. This book is intended less for gardeners than for those who wish to be politically active in their communities. However, it is highly read-able and provides so many useful and intriguing examples that it is bound to inspire gardeners who have a sense of community spirit.
Review by R. Last

Master Gardeners of Ottawa Carleton

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